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From Above Series #1

I honestly can't explain or name my "From Above" series of paintings more specifically. It is my hope that the viewer will have a personal reaction to the work, just as I react as the my paint goes down.

From Above Series #2

Simply Titled, Simply Painted, Simply Helping Other People.

From Above Series #2

This is the third painting in the from above series

From Above Series #4

This series was inspired while I was experimenting with YUPO paper. Click below to find out more about my painting process.

From Above Series #5

Topic #2 Description

From above Serices #6

Topic #3 Description

Personal Art Helping People
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Hope Coalition


Our Story;

The Boulder County Suicide Prevention Coalition, now called HOPE Coalition of Boulder County, was formed in 2005 with a $5,000 grant from the Gary Barnett Foundation in the name of former CU Buff football player,
Gabe Oderberg who took his own life in September, 2004, at the age of 23. Concerned citizens from Boulder Valley School District, University of Colorado, Parent Engagement Network, Boulder County agencies, Colie’s Closet, and parents formed the Coalition almost overnight. The Coalition’s first Gatekeeper event in 2005 was attended by over 200. The second event in 2006 was attended by 160 in spite of blizzard conditions. In 2007, the Coalition continued to define itself and evolve while providing on-site events in Boulder high schools. The HOPE Coalition continues to be funded by annual grants from the Gary Barnett Foundation and support from Amy Robertson, Suicide Prevention Coordinator at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

The HOPE Coalition operates under the auspices of Colie’s Closet. Colie’s Closet is a 501(c) nonprofit organization established in memory of Nicole Michalski, who took her own life New Years Eve, 2003 at the age of 23. Colie’s Closet provides financial assistance to depressed and suicidal individuals for professional treatment.

Colie's ClosetDONATIONS:

Donations to the HOPE Coalition should be made out to:
Colie’s Closet, with HOPE Coalition referenced on the check. 
P.O. Box 18776
Boulder, CO 80301


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